Hello, I am Brooke [Louise] Flagtwet.

I was born and raised in sunny Southern California, and call Riverside my home. I have been blessed to spend some of my best moments with horses for majority of my life and have enjoyed showing my Appaloosas at various levels of competition. My pursuit of photography and design has always been driven by my love of horses and with over 15 years behind the lens, you could say it helps define who I am.

My work, no matter its ultimate intention is always results driven. Be it capturing new interest in an Equine business, or simply the adoration of a horses owner. Marketing is deep in my roots, and I always fight to put the very best product on the table for my clients.

Call, email or find me on facebook and we can connect, and bring your photography and design dreams to light.

"...But the heart has its own memory and I have forgotten nothing"

—Alber Camus